The Wealthy are ‘Curious’ About Bitcoin But Not Ready to Invest: UBS CEO

UBS Chief Executive officer Sergio Ermotti says that wealthy investors are curious about bitcoin and other crypto assets but are not ready to make significant investments in cryptocurrency. Ermotti told Bloomberg that the exceptional year-to-date performance of bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto assets has piqued the interest of wealthy UBS clients, but he has not noticed any “meaningful desire” among clients to actually invest in the burgeoning crypto economy.

UBS Chief Joins the Bankers’ Bitcoin Bashing Brigade

The chairman of UBS has claimed that, according to him, bitcoin does not fulfill the functions of a currency. UBS Chairman and former Bundesbank (Germany’s central bank) president Axel Weber was speaking at a financial conference in Zurich this week when he played down the potential of bitcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency completely independent of a central authority. In statements reported by Reuters, the senior banker claimed his skepticism of bitcoin “probably comes from my background as a central banker.

К блокчейн-инициативе холдинга UBS присоединились четыре крупных банка

Четыре крупных банка присоединились к проекту по разработке блокчейн-платформы для торгового финансирования, который был представлен в прошлом году швейцарской финансовой компанией UBS и технологической корпорацией IBM. Об этом сообщает ZDnet.
New Banks Join UBS-Backed Blockchain Trade Finance Platform

New Banks Join UBS-Backed Blockchain Trade Finance Platform

Four major banks have joined a trade finance initiative launched late last year by Switzerland-based UBS and tech giant IBM. Bank of Montreal (BMO), CaixaBank, Commerzbank and Erste Group are now taking part in the project, which is being built on top of the open-source Hyperledger Fabric framework. The platform, dubbed Batavia, was first unveiled in October at the Sibos banking conference in Geneva.