Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain: ‘Buy Some Ether’ to Make Transactions After SegWit2x

Crypto wallet Blockchain has announced its intention to join with Xapo in following the blockchain with the most accumulated difficulty following the proposed SegWit2x. The wallet service advised its users to “buy some ether” if they intend to make transactions immediately following the fork. Blockchain Wallet to Follow Chain With Most Difficulty In mid-November, the Bitcoin blockchain is expected to split into two, competing chains following SegWit2x, a hard fork designed to upgrade the Bitcoin network and enable it to scale more effectively.

Korea’s Largest Bitcoin Community Urges SegWit2x Supporters to Rescind Support

The Seoul Bitcoin Meetup has penned an open letter to New York Agreement (NYA) signatories, urging them to rescind support for the controversial SegWit2x hard fork that is scheduled for mid-November. The Seoul Bitcoin Meetup has nearly 1,700 members, making it South Korea’s largest bitcoin community.

Chilean Bitcoin Exchange SurBTC Withdraws Support for SegWit2x Hard Fork

The New York Agreement (NYA) lost another signatory on Tuesday, as Latin American bitcoin exchange SurBTC withdrew support for SegWit2x a month before its scheduled release. The Chilean startup made the announcement on Tuesday in an official blog post, joining a litany of companies that have begun to withdraw support for SegWit2x as the scheduled November date for the controversial hard fork approaches.