Telecom Company Adopts Blockchain Solution to Revolutionize African Nation’s Economy

Technological advancement has elevated the internet as one of the most important elements in human existence as far as the 21st century is concerned. Almost every aspect of national development is dependent on one area of the internet or the other. This includes aspects such as education, politics, internal and external security, innovation and several other areas. High-speed internet is crucial for development of West Africa In recent times, there has been a substantive correlation between the industrial and economic growth of nations and their respective advancements within the cyber space.

Cajutel To Provide Solar-Powered Broadband Network, Launches ICO

Cajutel, a Swiss-owned, Guinea-Bissau-based company, has embarked on a mission to provide a solar-powered, broadband Internet network to Guinea-Bissau and neighboring countries, bringing Internet access to much of West Africa. The company plans to fund its ambitious project by issuing Ethereum tokens through an ICO. By delivering affordable and reliable Internet connectivity for the first time to much of the region, Cajutel believes it can provide the infrastructure for a wide range of Internet services that will strengthen the economy and the nation’s education system.