Seller Of £17 million London Mansion Will Only Accept Bitcoin

Buyers wishing to purchase a Notting Hill mansion that will go on the market for £17 million will need to pay in bitcoin, which is believed to be a first for London, according to the Evening Standard. The six-storey stucco-fronted home is near Portobello Road.

Bitcoin Price Boom Built on Sound Fundamentals, Observers Tell Naysayers

When bitcoin price reaches new heights, the critics raise their voices. As the price approached the $6,000 benchmark Friday, it didn’t take long for critics to warn of impending doom. Wall Street banker Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JP Morgan Chase, unleashed another one of his diatribes against bitcoin Friday in response to a CNBC moderator question at an event hosted by the Institute of International Finance, reiterating that he believes blockchain technology is useful but that non-fiat cryptocurrency “has no value.
Woo’s Law: Bitcoin Users Double Every 12 Months; Major Factor For Long-Term Price Surge?

Woo’s Law: Bitcoin Users Double Every 12 Months; Major Factor For Long-Term Price Surge?

Willy Woo, a highly regarded Bitcoin and cryptocurrency researcher, recently revealed that the number of Bitcoin users approximately doubles every 12 months. Utilizing Google Trends as one of the main indicators of Bitcoin user growth, Woo formed the following infographic to demonstrate the exponential growth rate of the Bitcoin userbase.

$95 Billion: Bitcoin is Bigger than Goldman Sachs

On October 13, the market cap of Bitcoin surpassed that of Goldman Sachs after a meteoric rise in the past three days. With a market cap of $95 billion, Bitcoin surpassed Goldman Sachs by more than $3 billion. Goldman Sachs, the second largest investment bank in the world, has sustained a market cap of $92 billion throughout the past 12 months but has struggled to demonstrate an increase in growth in terms of market cap.

Bitcoin Adopters in Australia Swell Amid Regulation, Record Highs

Bitcoin is in the headlines again for hitting new all-time highs, driving both retail and mainstream investors across the world to get in on the frenzy. Bitcoin price hit an unprecedented all-time high of $5,920 on Friday, representing a remarkable 490% growth for the cryptocurrency since the turn of the year. Key factors boosting confidence in the cryptocurrency this year include Japan’s legislation of bitcoin as a legal method of payment in the country, a noteworthy acceptance of the decentralized digital currency from the third largest economy in the world.
Breaking: Taiwan Follows Bitcoin-Friendly Japan, Avoids China & Korea ICO Bans

Breaking: Taiwan Follows Bitcoin-Friendly Japan, Avoids China & Korea ICO Bans

Taiwan will not regulate against initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and will avoid the hardline stance taken by the likes of China and South Korea. In significant news today, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission chairman Wellington Koo has told a joint session of the parliament and the cabinet today that Taiwan will not follow the paths of China and South Korea in an outright ban on crypto-related activity. Instead, the head of Taiwan’s financial regulator pledged to adopt a friendlier stance to support the development and adoption of both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the country.

Bitcoin Needs Regulation for Legality in India: Economist

A prominent Indian economist has opined that regulation is necessary for bitcoin to become a legal currency in the country. Speaking to Indian business daily the Economic Times, Dr. S.P. Sharma – chief economist at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, questioned the likelihood of bitcoin becoming a mainstream legal currency in the absence of regulation and monitoring.

Bahrain’s Government is Keen on Adopting Bitcoin, Reveals Official

Bahrain is interested in adopting digital currencies like bitcoin amid a wider impetus toward a ‘country level’ adoption of blockchain technologies. The Kingdom of Bahrain, a constitutional monarchy of over 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, is taking a bitcoin-friendly approach in its advent to become a FinTech hub in the region. Speaking at the MIT Innovation Forum in Bahrain’s capital of Manama on Wednesday, Khalid Al Rumaihi, chief executive of Bahrain’s Economic Development Board revealed plans toward installing a regulatory sandbox in the country.

How Malaysia’s Legalization of Bitcoin Could Bring Millions of New Users

Earlier this week, Cryptocoinsnews reported that the Malaysian government and its financial regulators are set to regulate the Malaysian bitcoin industry and legalize the usage of the digital currency within the country. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim, a Malaysian central bank official, stated: “We hope that by year end, BNM will be able to come out with some guidelines on cryptocurrency, particularly those related to anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

Nebraska Ethics Board: It’s Okay for Lawyers to Accept Bitcoin

Lawyers in Nebraska have been given the green light to accept bitcoin payments, according to a Nebraska ethics advisory committee. Established by the state’s supreme court, the Lawyer’s Advisory Committee issued their opinion earlier this month. It is the first time that a state ethics body has considered the role of digital currencies for payments. The opinion reads: An attorney may receive and accept digital currencies such as bitcoin as payment for legal services.